All Settled In, Izzy loves Southern Minnesota

So, I apologize for the long delay between posts.  We moved 200 miles away and had to work extra hard to afford the move, so there was not much time for personal blogging.  But I am all caught up on things and I will try to post new Izzy news at least every month or two.  :)  These photos are from the past few months.  I have not taken any winter photos yet.  I keep forgetting to bring my camera phone when we go walking lately.

(About walking….  Izzy and her friends go walking at this super cool state park almost daily.  I will make another blog post about that with park photos in a few days.  Maybe I will remember my phone and get some Winter Izzy photos for that post.)

Izzy checking to see if the local squirrels are up to any sort of shenanigans.  She is a good squirrel monitor.

Izzy’s friend, WeeGee, is a big help with the squirrel watching.

You have to be vigilant!  Those squirrels could be anywhere!

When she is not watching out the windows or walking in the park, Izzy is a champion snoozer.

So is her friend, Waffle the Cat.

This is what Miss Shmizz-ness looks like when you wake her up with a camera in her face.

And this is her ready-to-play look.

Sometimes I pile soft stuff on the bed and let the doggies burrow in.  Izzy is very good at burrowing.

Izzy loves napping with her friends.



Izzy and her friends got groomed! Yay!

Look at these crazy cute little beasts!  :)  First, a photo of Izzy and WeeGee squished together in one small dog car seat during our recent road trip to visit our new home.  The car was packed for moving, but there was plenty of room in the back seat.  They just wanted to squish up front together.

Then a bunch of photos of my freshly groomed puppies.  So freaking cute!!  I am going to miss this groomer.  :(  She was the best.

Dogs on a road trip

Cute sheltie doodle dog

Izzy is adorable

Freshly groomed doggy

Pretty Pearl the sheltie mix dog

Mister WeeGee man

New haircut

Three friends

Getting a Move On

Wow!  It has already been more than a month since our last post.  Time has been flying.  Part of the reason for no posting is that we are moving.  I got an unexpected call a few weeks ago from my landlord letting me know she is selling the house I have lived in for 9 years.  Yikes!  That was very scary news at first, but now it is all good.  I found a great house for us in Southern Minnesota.  Izzy went and visited the new house and she approves.  :)  We will be moving October 1st.  So I have been busy packing and cleaning and stuff.  Izzy has mostly been busy walking and playing and napping, so no real change there.  Here are some fun new photos.  :)  Mostly napping.

Next week she gets groomed!  So I will try to update soon after that happens, too.

Cute Izzy dog

Dog looking at camera

Sleeping puppy dog

So hard to get comfortable!

Peeking around the corner

Cute Izzy

Just waking up

Not getting up

Holy Cow! It has been almost 6 weeks!

On the one had, it is hard to believe that Izzy has lived here for six weeks already.  On the other hand, it feels like she has always been here.  She fit in so seamlessly.  We have never had a moment of difficulty.  Everyone has gotten along beautifully since day one.  Izzy is such a happy camper.  She LOVES going for walks ad has started to sort of sing or yodel a happy song whenever she sees me get the harnesses out.  :)  It is adorable.  And then she leaps and bounds around the yard like a little gazelle until we get our leashes on.  Then she leads the way for the whole walk.  And sometimes we walk for miles.  She is just such a joy to know.  I feel so lucky that she found her way here.  In addition to the walks, she loves napping in the sun and she loves all treats.  Especially the crunchy stalks from romaine lettuce.  :)  Life is good.  Enjoy the cuteness….

Cute dog napping

Helping me in the yard

(Izzy loves to help when I have work to do outside.  Here we were reclaiming my sidewalk from the greedy grass.)

Cute sheltie poodle cross

Brand new snake toy

(The snake toy from my last post died.  This is WeeGee with the new snake toy!)

Wagging tail

(Izzy’s tail wags from morning until night.)

Three friends

(The three amigos waiting for treats.)

Izzy in the sun

(Her favorite spot.)




Happy happy Izzy Izzy

Izzy had another great week!  She loves being part of a pack and is getting along great with everyone.  With plenty of time spent relaxing in the sun in my guest bedroom and relaxing in the sun in the yard.  And lots of fun walks.  She gets crazy excited about walks!

Izzy looking up

Little dog out on a walk

Walking with friends - cute small dogs

Sleepy friends

Whose snake is that?

(Izzy took WeeGee’s snake.)

All three of my adorable dogs

(I have the cutest dogs ever!!!)